Back to the 50's Car Show

NOTICE: The Back to the 50's Car Show has been cancelled for the summer of 2015!

The La Mesa Village Merchants Association is saddened to state the cancellation of this year's Car Show. It has been decided that due to the Street Scape Improvement Project, we will be unable to produce a successful show. June, July and August will find the Street Scape project working on La Mesa Blvd. from Spring St. to 4th Ave, which is in the heart of our car show. We are deeply saddened by this announcement and look forward to the return of this wonderful event!


Previous information regarding the Back to the 50's Car Show:

The Car Show happens along La Mesa Blvd between Acacia and Fourth Streets, in the heart of La Mesa Village.  Participants arrive no earlier than 3:30. Fill out the participation form and display on vehicle. By 7:30 winners will have a certificate placed on their vehicle. Winners proceed with vehicle to the DJ to return the certificate and receive a trophy. Photos are taken, to be displayed on our website.

What Every La Mesa Village Back to the ’50s Car Show Participant Should Know

La Mesa Village Merchants Association welcomes you as our very special guest. We want you to have the best time ever. We are glad you are here. Of course, whenever large amounts of people gather there must be guidelines.

  1. Car Show Participants shall start to assemble no earlier than 3:30pm.
  2. Parking meters must be paid up to 5pm. FREE parking begins at 5pm for Car Show nights only. Please note: on any other day the meters must be paid until 6pm, except for Sundays, and holidays.
  3. Qualifying Car Show vehicles are pre-1973. The only exception is our sponsor dealerships who may display new cars.
  4. For Sale signs may be displayed on cars modestly. No banners or excessive signage that will detract from the event please. Only sponsor dealers may display cars - contact us if you want your dealership to become a sponsor.
  5. Cruising is encouraged! Please no chirping of tires, no burn-outs and no motorcycle wheelies. Exhibitionist driving will result in a citation. Please keep all our guests including yourself, safe and ticket free

Six trophies are awarded each night: four to cars, one to a motorcycle, and the La Mesa Police Department’s Police Officer’s Choice Award. When you are given a Winner Placard, proceed at 7:30pm to the DJ’s station, located on the North West corner of La Mesa Boulevard and Palm Avenue. The best approach is heading south on Palm and turn right on La Mesa Boulevard. There you will have your vehicle announced over the PA, receive a trophy and have a picture taken.

We look forward to building a partnership with you.

Experience The Village.