La Mesa Village Merchants Association

NOTICE: Parking has a 2 Hour Limit on Free

La Mesa Blvd and the Lemon Ave Parking Lot are free for 2 hours. The Allison Street Parking lot is free for 4 hours.  Please see the signage as you enter our parking lots and along the Boulevards. Parking enforcement is still on the Job.


Located within the downtown district of the City of La Mesa, the La Mesa Village Merchants Association is dedicated to providing information and supporting community events for our business members, visitors, and La Mesa residents.

We invite you to use our site to find and get information on a number of topics including:

  • Annual La Mesa Village Events – La Mesa Village hosts a number of seasonal events throughout the year such as La Mesa Village Oktoberfest, Christmas in the Village, the Back to the '50s Car Show, Antique Street Faire and more…
  • La Mesa Village Business Listings via the Virtual Village – where you can find additional information about the businesses within the village such La Mesa restaurants, La Mesa shops, La Mesa antique stores, and numerous La Mesa service providers.
  • Join or Contact the La Mesa Village Merchants Association – need more information on La Mesa Village or interested in becoming a member in our business community?  Contact us…